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Hans Anthon Wagners Schäferkarren.
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The shepherd-chariot hermit and his museum


Art in a small picture format of Hans Anthon Wagner


In 1974, Anthon Wagner moved from the civilisation into a discarded four square metres shepherd-chariot. This is where Hans Anthon Wagner started with the painting of his art in small format. 32 years later, the Museum Anthon opened. It shows 400 of the more than 3000 paintings of the graphic artist and hermit in rotation at the natural park Schönbuch. The handicraft on the cast-iron printing press of 1892 still fascinates the visitors.


From the big windows of the museum you can see the orchard meadows around Breitenholz. A village of 700 souls, aside from the traffic. From the chair in the middle of the room, you get an overview of the diversity of the 10 x 10 centimeter-exhibits. But every step closer reveals more details. Lithography, xylography and paintings. Drawing ink, watercolour and oil paint. With captions such as "Bee", "Gorgosnoff", "LeonardoTree", "Haredance" and "Summiteer".


Some acquire paintings, if the scarce number of editions allows it. Hans Anthon Wagner is a humorous person. His works reveal this. This spirit is passed on. A pleasant side effect of the big art in a small frame format.